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Recepta wins Business Excellence Award for Most Innovative Digital Receipts Platform 2024!
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at the touch
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Simplify your life and reduce clutter with our digital receipts – the smarter way to keep track of your transactions.
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How it works?
Payment with card
Use any payment method
Card, Cash, Coupon or any other options
Scanning QR code
Tap your phone or scan the QR
You won't get spammed as you don't need to provide email or phone number
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Access your digital receipt
As long as you scan from the same device we keep all in one place

Faster checkout with Recepta

Paper receipts costs bilions each year.
Email receipts are followed by marketing scams.
Paper receipts account for 180 million trees each year.
Physical receipts are likely to get lost or misplaced.
Accessible receipts
With Recepta, your receipts are always at your fingertips. Say goodbye to lost or damaged receipts.
Seamless returns and exchanges
Initiate returns with a single click and conveniently drop them off with the carrier.
Automatically store all your warranties on your phone, and easily search for them using keywords when needed.
Track your spending wisely
Receive a comprehensive monthly spending summary and stay in control of your expenses.
A greener world
Protect our environment, save trees, conserve water, and reduce your carbon footprint by transitioning to digital receipts.
Effortless tax reporting
Access your tax summary with a single click and easily identify deductible expenses.
Spam-free experience
Enjoy a spam-free experience without the need to provide your email or phone number.

Environmental Benefits

Did you know that 93% of paper receipts are non-recyclable and coated with BPA and BPS (the same toxins as single-use plastics)?

Production of paper receipts in the USA account for:

12 million trees
bigger than Yosemite National Park
21 billion gallon water
4 months water supply of entire Boston
250 million gallon oil
more than daily oil production of Texas
21 billion pounds CO2
equivalent of one million cars on the road
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