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Recepta wins Business Excellence Award for Most Innovative Digital Receipts Platform 2024!

Our Story

It is obvious that trash bins are full of paper receipts, and people are irritated by the lost receipts and the time spent waiting for the process returning purchases. We heard many friends complaining about the same issues and its relevant toxic environmental impacts. Then they decided to come up with an idea that would eliminate the need for paper receipts and ease people's lives.


Our team members come from a wide variety of top-tier tech companies, professional services firms, and industry leaders, including World Bank, Amazon, Lyft, EY, Tonal and Blackberry.

Rauf Heydarli's photo
Rauf Heydarli
Co-Founder & CEO
Riyad Hasanov's photo
Riyad Hasanov
Co-Founder & CTO
Fidan Heydarli's photo
Fidan Heydarli
Co-Founder & CBO
Nigar Atakishi's photo
Nigar Atakishi
Marketing Partner
Fuad Heydarli's photo
Fuad Heydarli
Head of Product
Farid Nasirli's photo
Farid Nasirli
VP of Engineering
Samir Suleymanov's photo
Samir Suleymanov
Strategic Advisor
Strategy Advisor to IMF Managing Director
Head of Strategic Initiatives - World Bank
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