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Receipt management app that automates the creation and collection of digital receipts for all card transactions on each purchase, eliminating the need for paper receipts.

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Create an account and add your cards
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Pay like you normally do with your debit or credit card
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Merchant shares receipt data with Recepta
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We link it to the account and share with customer

Merchant Benefits

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Recepta would save 12 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), the equivalent of one million cars on the road.
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Customer Benefits


Recepta enables portability of expenses all the time and let's search and filter by merchant, location, date, etc. of specific receipts.

Environmental Benefits

You already know that lots of trees are being cut down in order to produce the paper for your receipts, but did you know that 93% of paper receipts are non-recyclable and coated with BPA and BPS (the same toxins as single-use plastics)?

Production of paper receipts in the USA account for:

12 milliontree
bigger than Yosemite National park
21 billiongallon
4 months water supply of entire Boston
250 milliongallon
more than daily oil production of Texas
12 billionpounds
equivalent of one million cars on the road
$3 billion
cost born by companies on thermal paper receipts

Our Story

It is obvious that trash bins are full of paper receipts, and people are irritated by the lost receipts and the time spent waiting for the process returning purchases. We heard many friends complaining about the same issues and its relevant toxic environmental impacts. Then we decided to come up with an idea that would eliminate the need for paper receipts and ease people's lives.


Our team members come from a wide variety of top-tier tech companies, professional services firms, and industry leaders, including World Bank, Amazon, Lyft, EY, Tonal and Blackberry.

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Rauf Heydarli

Co-Founder & CEO

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Riyad Hasanov's photo

Riyad Hasanov

Co-Founder & CTO

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Nigar Atakishi's photo

Nigar Atakishi

Marketing Partner

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Bayazid Malikov


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Samir Suleymanov's photo

Samir Suleymanov

Strategic Advisor

Strategy Advisor to IMF Managing Director Head of Strategic Initiatives - World Bank

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